2020 Arnold Classic

Kangoo Jumps® Events

March 6-8, 2020 - Columbus, Ohio

Kangoo Club OHIO™ is honored to be sponsoring this year's Kangoo Jumps® events at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival Lifestyle Fitness and Yoga Stage!

Raj Donald

Kangoo Jumps®

International Trainer


Raj is a US Marine Corps veteran and has been formally teaching Group X and Fitness Coaching since 2005. Through his experience in the US Marine Corps, Sports and Distance Running, he has discovered that fitness has always been an important part of his life. Raj is an AFAA Certified Group X and Indoor Cycling (Spinning) Instructor.  He is an International Kangoo Jumps Trainer in the KJ licensed programs Kangoo Power, Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Dance, and Kangoo Kick n' Punch.  He instructs Sports Conditioning Running Clinics, RealRyder Indoor Cycling classes, Indoor Cycling Instructor Group Fitness Classes, Indo-Row Rowing and TRX Classes.

“I love this fitness world I'm in! I love training in general! Whether it's business/professional courses, adjunct-faculty in the collegiate setting, or teaching group exercise classes, the classroom is the best place on earth.  Having fun with people while helping them reach their fitness goals thrills me to no end!”

Kangoo Dance™ Instructor Licensing Training

Saturday March 7, 2019 - 8:30am - 4:30pm

Columbus Convention Center - Room TBA

Trainer:  Raj Donald

Cost: $200 (boot rental available for $20)

SAVE $100: Multi training discount:  Both trainings only $300!

Prerequisites:  see below

Kangoo Dance™ is one of the hottest workouts of 2020!  It is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program taught to music, for all ages and fitness levels. The program is functional and teaches participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment while preventing injury due to bio-mechanical stress. It offers more benefits than any other popular group fitness program because Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes act as a shock absorber to reduce impact, when compared with traditional aerobic activities performed in conventional shoes. The rebound shoes generate a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness that not only increases the Fun-Effect, but more importantly decreases joint stress.


Kangoo Kick 'N Punch™ Instructor Licensing Training

Friday March 6, 2019 - 8:30am - 4:30pm

Columbus Convention Center - Room TBA

Trainer:  Raj Donald

Cost: $200 (boot rental available for $20)

SAVE $100: Multi training discount:  Both trainings only $300!

Prerequisites:  see below

Kangoo Kick n' Punch™ is a martial arts style workout, using blocks, kicks & punches from various styles of self-defense including Kickboxing & Karate.


Become an official Kangoo Jumps® Licensed Instructor and join an international community of Instructors and Trainers!  Participate in the annual KJ Fitness Festival and train in some of the most exotic places in the world such as Barcelona, Milan, Madrid, Cancun, and Argentina.  Receive Instructor discounts on boots and accessories or become a Licensed KJ Boot Distributor.  Most importantly, be a part of the movement that brings the benefits of safe rebounding fitness classes to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels! 


  • Hold a valid Group Fitness Instructor Certification that includes exercise to music (AFAA, ACE, etc).  NOTE:  If you are currently studying for but will not have completed your GFI or PT Certification by March 7, you are able to take the class and purchase a 90 day extension for an additional $40 fee.  Upon successful completion of the Kangoo Dance Instructor Licensing class, you will have 90 days to pass your ACE/AFAA Exam and provide us with proof of successful completion.  KJ will then release your KJ License to you.  Email your certificate or contact jumpclasscle@gmail.com with any questions.

  • Experience teaching group movement to music

  • Prior experience using Kangoo Jumps rebound boots is recommended

  • Boots and tall socks are available for rental during this training if you do not have your own (cost $20).  Limited supply available.  Must reserve in advance.


  • 2 year Kangoo Dance™ and/or Kick 'n Punch™ - Silver Level Instructor License -  valid internationally

  • AFAA 4.75 CEUs each (ACE must petition for CECs)

  • Instructor discount on startup purchase of Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes

Course Content:

  • KJ Master Class for Kangoo Jumps Applications

  • Rebounding technique using Kangoo Jumps

  • Introduction to Plyometric training

  • Multi-level teaching

  • Kangoo Jumps Class planning and design

  • Basic applications: Choreography, Freestyle, Interval and Circuit Training

  • Additional programming possibilities

  • Product care & maintenance

  • Written and practical exam at the end of the day

Kangoo Dance™ and Kick N Punch™ Masterclass

Saturday March 7, 2019 - 11:00am - 11:45am

Columbus Convention Center - Short North Ballroom

Trainer:  Raj Donald

Cost: FREE for boot owners

(boot rental available - $5 - reserve in advance)

Prerequisites:  none


Combining the fun elements of Kangoo Dance™ with the martial arts style of Kangoo Kick N Punch™ this masterclass brings you the latest in high energy, low impact fitness concepts!  Kangoo Jumps® boots absorb 80% of the impact to your knees, hips and back while allowing you to burn 20% more calories per minute than in traditional workout shoes.  Join the party and bounce with us!

Kangoo Power™ Masterclass

Sunday March 8, 2019 - 10:00am - 10:30am

Columbus Convention Center - Short North Ballroom

Instructor:  Ritsa Mazur

Cost: FREE for boot owners

(boot rental available - $5 - reserve in advance)

Prerequisites:  none

Kangoo Power™  is a highly motivating, low impact, interval training program designed to improve strength, coordination, balance and speed! 


This is a beginner level class focusing on routine building, proper form and rebounding technique to maximize your calorie output while reducing the impact to your joints.  Join the party and bounce with us! 


Boots are provided or bring your own.

Limited boots available so be sure to book your spot early!

Let's JUMP!!

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