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Order Boots and Accessories

Benefits to owning your very own pair of Kangoo Jumps® Boots:


- it is more sanitary than sharing boots.  You control the routine cleaning and maintenance.  The boot liner can be washed as needed.


- you can customize them to your weight and athletic level for a more enjoyable ride.  We can help with customization.


- you will break them in yourself.  The inner liner will conform better to your foot and fit like a glove.


- you can take them with you when you travel and use them anytime,  anywhere, indoors or outside on the beach or by the pool.  The soft rubber soles are safe for most floors.


- you can safely run, jog or walk with them outdoors.  Just give them a good wipe down before bringing them indoors.

Ordering your own pair is easy...

You can order directly and have it shipped to you

Every boot purchase through FunFit Motion Lab / Kangoo Club OHIO is accompanied by:

*3 month manufacturer warranty

*1 month unlimited FREE In-person Classes

*3 months FREE Online Fitness Classes

*FREE lifetime inspections and support

*FREE preventative maintenance

*FREE labor on replacement parts

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