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FunFit Motion Lab™/KangooClub Ohio is the first team of Kangoo Jumps® Licensed Fitness Instructors in Ohio. 

After fulfilling the prerequisites of being experienced and Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructors, we were trained and tested by Official KJ Trainers in the proper care, wear and maintenance of KJ Brand Jump Boots and Suspension Systems as well as in the execution of a safe and effective rebounding fitness class using Kangoo Jumps® Boots. 

We are part of the International Kangoo Jumps® Instructor Network and continue our training under the guidance of International KJ Master Trainers.

Trust the Original™ with Kangoo Jumps® Licensed Instructors, Master Trainers and Fitness Programs! 
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FunFit Motion Lab

We're regular, BUSY PEOPLE who want to LOOK and FEEL OUR BEST, all while juggling work, family, kids, school, and social activities.  We struggle to fit exercise into our day even though we know we need it.  We know salads are good for us, but sometimes we like to have a donut on Fridays and a glass of wine on the weekend.  LIFE IS SHORT and we like to enjoy the fun things in MODERATION.  We may not be getting any younger but we have a lot of LIFE left in us... so keeping ourselves HEALTHY and FIT is important.  


Unless you are looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition or the next Olympics, the best kind of exercise is one you ENJOY and can stick with for the long-term.  You DON'T have to run endlessly on the treadmill or be sore for days to reap the benefits of exercise.  You DO have to GET MOVING, and move as often as possible.  If you are finding yourself clock-watching on your elliptical or spending more time checking your phone than lifting those dumbbells at the gym, that is a sign that you need to CHANGE THINGS UP.  


Our mission is to bring you a variety of FUN, EFFECTIVE EXERCISE OPTIONS that will help you discover the physical, mental and social benefits of GROUP FITNESS PROGRAMS.  


COME GET FIT WITH US... you'll never want to be a couch-potato again!!




  • In-person Group Fitness Classes in Cleveland, OH area
  • ONLINE Fitness Classes at your convenience, in the comfort of your home available worldwide
  • Mobile Pop-Up Classes

Middleburg Heights Recreation Center

16000 Bagley Rd

Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

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